We treat our clients the way we treat our roses, with loyalty

We treat our clients the way we treat our roses, with loyalty

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Natuflor is a rose farm in Ecuador with 148 acres of greenhouses growing 81 varieties of premiere roses with long and thick stems, vibrant foliage, intense color, and high durability.

We are our people. She is Beatriz, a brave, hardworking woman whom we have had the honor of working with for over a decade. She proudly supports her sons in their college studies with her work, and we are proud to call her part of our team.

Our Story


With 2 hectares of roses, Natuflor begins the beautiful process of rose farming.


As the business thrived and Natuflor now owned 20 hectares of greenhouses, we received our first national certification: Florecuador.


To guarantee the quality of our product, we became BASC certified with our rigorous processes.


The Elite Flower Group acquires Natuflor as their first farm in Ecuador, beginning an essential era in Ecuador's floral industry.


After demonstrating our care for our environment and people, we obtained the Rainforest Alliance Certification and started more social programs with our community.


Having our people as the center of our work, we became Fairtrade Certified.


As a strategic move, Natuflor acquired Alma Roses to specialize in spray roses and offer the broadest portfolio to our clients.


Our certifications guarantee the commitment we have with our employees and the environment, granting our roses with the highest production standards.